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New label – Monsieur Mini

Inspired by her son and her love for cute prints, Rie decided to start her own label, Monsieur Mini, for children age 0-6 years old.

Tell us a little about your background? How did you become to be a children’s fashion designer?

I have worked as a women’s wear designer for 7 years before I went on maternity leave. I know its such a cliche to do children’s clothing when getting children of your own, but it just felt right and so natural to me, and I LOVE doing it. I felt that there was missing some cool comfortable clothing for especially boys but also for cool girls.

Do you have children? How does that influence your work?

I have a son that turns 2 in a month. He is my inspiration, and “Monsieur Mini” was one of his many nicknames as a small baby. He was and is the little “Boss” of the family and this is how I ended up with the name. Its fun, I love the french vibe and it says something very personal about my brand.

What inspires your work, and what do you want to inspire in others though your work?

My son is as mentioned a big inspiration, and also I love being with other kids to see what they love to wear. I love art and graphic design so this is a big inspiration to me.

What is your favorite piece from the AW14 collection?

I love the 3/4 baseball T-shirt with the dog. Its cool, playful and I love how it would be equally cool for both boys and girls. I also love the dip dye and the dots. More great styles will arrive during the autumn.

What are the most rewarding and most challenging aspects of your job?

The most rewarding is when I see kids in “Monsieur Mini”, and when the kids also loves the clothing and want to wear it all the time. The most challenging aspect is obviously balancing work and family, but I also created my own brand to have more freedom doing what I love and still have a family.

If one of our readers is only in Copenhagen for 24 hours what one thing would you recommend they do?

Its hard to choose only one thing to do in Copenhagen, but I can recommend “The Coffee Collective” which a small danish company that roast and make their own coffee, because all Moms need good coffee. And after your coffee fix there are lots of shopping and cool art exhibitions around the City.


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What do you think of this new label? Would love to hear your thoughts! Hot OR Not?

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