From our stylists


Splashing in small pockets of water can be quite a jovial exercise, but not so much when your children are left cold and shivering.

Here’s some inspiration for boys and girls, making being out in wet weather not only possible, but cosy, dry and slishy-splashy fun.

Pluie Pluie1. This Bronzed White Opera Coat is dusted in gold for just the right amount of waterproof shimmer. It is a perfect coat to go with any holiday attire or just everyday chic.

2. Purple umbrella with gold rain print.

3. Long sleeved, black & white striped T-shirt.

4. Pink skirt.

5. Wellies.

6. Tights.


Rain wear1. He’ll be shower and winter ready with this City Slicker Jacket that features zip off sleeves and hood for a versatile winter vest when its not raining. The vest is lined in a cozy navy fleece , warm for winter play!

2. A fantastically versatile jumper for cool evenings and crisp mornings.

3. Fantastic, comfortable wellington boots in primary colours. non – slip, easy drying and hard wearing. Perfect for muddy puddles.

4. Soft baggy denim jeans.

5. Umbrella.

6. Socks with cloud print.