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Magic happens whenever a Spoiled Me garment is stepped into. Feed your little princess’s imagination and watch as she loses herself in daydreams and make-believe, in magical worlds where anything is possible. And enjoy the dream together!

Spoiled Me delivers exceptional dresses for girls from 2 to 10 years old and we think it’s time to find more about this brand!

Interview Monday with Anna Christiansen from Spoiled Me! 

Would you mind introducing yourself and your brand to our readers?

Of course, I would love to.  My name is Anna Christiansen and I am a founder of Spoiled Me.  Spoiled Me is a Danish kids fashion brand for luxury party outfits for girls from 2-10 years, known by its unique design and hand -made clothing.

What was your background prior to starting Spoiled Me?

Scandinavia is known for its minimalistic and very cool style. We are very proud of that and love it in our every-day busy life. However, girls love to have fun and want to have some extra in their lives. I intended to bring some sparkles and fun by my designs and let girls swirl and dance in their dresses, feel like a royalty, feel confident and happy. Spoiled Me was born in 2014 with a dream of spoiling little princesses by beautiful dresses. My background in business economy with Master degree, my sales experience and my great passion for design leaded me to creation of the Spoiled Me. It was my dream came true- to combine my two greatest passions- design and business.

What got you started working in children’s fashion?

Inspiration for Spoiled Me came from watching my little girl happy smile while wearing her ballerina tutu-dress. Our small angels can inspire us for extraordinary things. It is always fun to work with children and be inspired by them and their unconditional love. And of course my passion for fashion and designs. When I am in the process of searching of a perfect fabric for my collection and visiting stores and fairs, I feel like a kid in a candy store. I can spend hours there, imagining how it will look together and play with fabric during design process.

Do you have children?

I have two children, my daughter Amalie who is 6 years old and my son Nikolaj -4 years old.

What has changed in your life since you became a mother?

Of course, our lives change when we became parents. Suddenly our life I is more meaningful, we get more love, more joy and more occupied.

I feel blessed by having my kids who motivate me to become a better person, to have their love and it is all what is matter in the end of the day.  As a parent, you cannot stay unconcerned for the wealth of other children. Especially nowadays with situation in Syria, when so many families with children are homeless and suffering every day.  By being a mother, you have a desire to make a world a better place for our children and help others. That is probably the biggest change that was in my life.

 What is the best thing about being a mother?

To see our children happy and have their love.

How do you combine motherhood and work?

The key to success is to plan everything. I like to be in control with situation and to be prepared for unexciting,

I am very detail oriented. I always have a picture in my mind for the things that I need to do, even mine and my kids´ outfits for the next days. As most of moms, I am very good in multitasking. That probably is my salvation – to handle several things in one time.

How do you make sure everything is in balance (work, family, friends)?

I always prioritize my time and quality of spending it. My motto is if you have little time, than you have to spend it very useful. My family comes first and all my planning is around them. I give 100% of myself during my working hours and spend all my free time with my kids. By planning and using my time very effective, I can really handle load of work. I am good to switch focus from work to family very quick. I think it is very important to let know my kids that they have my attention when we are together. Unfortunately, not much time for friends, but we always have some arrangements planned in advance for going out from time to time and visiting each other during the weekends.

Tell us a bit about your drive and purpose, your vision for your designs.

My drive is to imagine girls in my designs and see their smiles and happiness while they wear my outfits. It is the most exciting thing in my job when you see result on little models.  When girls start playing and dancing around, feeling joyful than I know, I hit my goal. I always push myself to make a better new collection than it was before. This always motivates me for new achievements.

What do you feel makes your work unique?

It is for sure choice of colors, materials and design aspect for children. All our dresses are comfortable to wear for active kids. It is important to consider child body shape in the design process. Each piece is field with unique details that make it one of a kind. In our Fairy Tale collection, I used detachable flowers what make easy to take care of dresses. Materials that we use are mostly satin, taffeta, organza and soft tulle, which are easy to wash and give a luxury appeal to the outfits. Soft lining of all dresses makes them comfortable to wear.

What is your favorite design from your current line?

My favorite is One of a Kind dress from our Fairy Tale collection.

It reminds me how the whole journey of the collection began. I got inspiration for it from one very famous designer lamp in a balloon shape with multiple layers of small pieces. This was my inspiration for the skirt of the dress. In addition, I love light aqua color that I used for it – very fresh and not too bright.

dream dress

What are some essentials that every child should have in their closet?

I believe that each girl should have a special one of a kind dress in her closet for birthday parties, Christmas, church or any other special occasion. Girls love to be nice dressed. Moreover, it is great if they can express themselves through their outfits. They will start feeling more confident and developing their style from the early age. It is also easy to combine beautiful dresses with sneakers, cardigans or leather jacket to give them more casual look and use dresses more often. My line of dresses and accessories from Spoiled me will be for sure a perfect addition to any girls wardrobe.

As for toy room, my kids are big fans of Lego- we have Lego all over, both small and big… and it is never enough, they always want new sets. Moreover, I think it is great, it is a perfect way to foster your child creativity, imagination and learning. And we, parents can also spend quality time with kids while playing Lego bricks, it helps to bond with your kids and develop their trust.

Where do you shop for you children?

Oh, It depends, but mostly on the Internet. There are so many nice internet shops in Europe and it is so easy nowadays.  

Feel free to visit my website!


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