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There’s nothing better than taking the time to stroll around a beautiful city and delight in its ambience. And there’s no better city to indulge in such a pastime than Paris. After all, this is the birthplace of flâneur – the word the French use to describe the act of strolling idly; sauntering, while observing the goings-on around you.

A couple of weeks ago we stopped near the Eiffel Tower to take some photographs of Elisabeth and Kseniia. I don’t know what it is about carousels , but they always manage to spin me right back around to my childhood.

Childhood memories of running towards a carousel to try to be the first to select a favourite horse to ride upon come flooding back whenever I come see one. It seems that every city I visit has at least one of these nostalgic rides. You need not look far in Paris for one of the brightly coloured carousels. Most are strategically located in high tourist traffic areas, others are smaller and tucked away in petit pocket parks in residential neighbourhoods. No matter where you come across one of these gems, finding a carousel in France is always fun.

The one at Trocadéro is easily one of my favourites in Paris. Styled in a traditional wood and illustrated with Parisian scenes, it’s the perfect place to take your children after school or at the weekend.

Get inspired.

Clothes by Stilnyashka

Photography: Smirnova Tatiana –

Models: Elisabeth and Kseniia Bulakh