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Je t’aime Paris!

My love for this city never lessens. Never have I lived in a place that I find so beautiful, that I am completely satisfied with just walking around. I don’t mean sightseeing, not hopping into shops or museums, but just exploring and enjoying the wonderful sights and sounds is one of the best things you can do.

So should you ever travel to Paris the first thing you can write into your itinerary: take a walk! Especially in the Fall!

Burnt umbers, golds and ruby red leaves carpeting the cobbled roads. I mean, could the scene be any more picturesque?! The wind whips, even more, leaves are thrown into the sky and thoughts of being cold are soon forgotten. Paris may well be one of the most beautiful cities in the World… But even Paris becomes more beautiful come fall! 

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Autumn in Paris

Autumn in Paris

Photography: Zelenskaya Marina –

Model: Elisabeth Cherepanova –

Clothes by Zara Kids