A day trip from Paris to the Domaine de Chantilly to see ‘La Petite Fiancée des Neiges’. Only a 20 minute train ride on a Sunday afternoon and totally worth it.

We arrived way too early so we had plenty of time to visit the recently reopened horse museum and the fairy tale like castle. At the entrance of the Grand Stables we got enlightend with the true stars of the museum: the horses. Little Alexander being a huge fan of horses was filled with excitement and got more and more excited!

We spent about an hour in the museum and we learned a lot about horses. We had a quick coffee and crepe in the cafe inside the museum and at 16h30 it was time for the main event, ‘La Petite Fiancée des Neiges’, a winter show featuring some 30 horses and ponies to delight both children and adults. Legend has it that if the ‘Snow Maiden’ blesses your union on Christmas Eve, you will enjoy happiness, wealth, love and prosperity for the rest of your days. I won’t tell you too much about the show and eventhough it’s in French and Russian, it’s easy to follow, even for novices in French. It’s great! Definitely worth going and totally suitable for children of all ages.

La petite fiancee des neiges

Two days later Alexander is still talking about the witch Babayaga and the beautiful girls riding the horses. Even Pere Noel makes an apperance…  

The show runs through December until January 5, with prices varying from €12-€28 depending on how much of the grounds you want to explore. To find out more or book your tickets, click here.