Kids Fashion


Meet Czesiociuch (pronounced “Tche-seeo-chookh”), a new children’s fashion brand on the blog from Poland. Ultra-hip unisex designs for children who want to emphasize their individuality.

This young label was created by Polish artist Czeslaw Mozil and stylist Dorota Zielinska. All of Czesiociuch’s designs easily move between girls & boys closets alike and due to their excellent quality, can be handed down for many years. Czesiociuch’s clothing is made in Poland using the exact sewing method that the Polish have used and thrived on for centuries. Each item is embroidered with Czesiociuch’s signature stork logo.

You can buy straight from their own webshop or from Spruit here.

Read below the interview with the owners of Czesiociuch


How would you describe your brand?

Czesiociuch is a company made by two people: musician Czeslaw Mozil and stylist Dorota Zielinska. We are making original, stylish clothes for crazy children who want to emphasize their individuality.

What lead you to working with fashion?

Well… We love to create. Music and fashion give us the best opportunity to do that. We also believe that man, even very young, can express himself through the clothes.

How do you define your own personal style?

Comfortable, urban, slightly crazy, not subject to stereotypes (Czeslaw likes wearing pink shoes or caps)..

Who has been your biggest fashion influence?

We think Dsquared2 and Rick Owens but we draw inspiration from everything that surrounds us.

What is the biggest highlight of your career until now?

Czesiociuch  We did something which was only a dream 2 years ago. None of us has own children (yet!) but we love them. We believe that each kid is a full-valuable man (just young) who knows well what he want, what he need and what is good for him.. Czeslaw had an idea to make t-shirts with funny graphics but when we just met we knew that this would be a full collection  We did that in one year and now we have fans all over the world!

What do you find most rewarding, and most challenging about your job?

We love to see a smile on child’s face when he or she is wearing our clothes. It is the most exciting moment in all process of creation and production. The most challenging…  to meet the requirements of that young people.

What is your favourite item from your AW13 collection?

We are absolutely in love with patterns designed for us by Dots&Dashes (Mirador and Cube) and graphics on t-shirts designed by Lech Bator (those with deers).

What do you like and dislike about the fashion industry?

We really like that fashion industry gives the ability to create a variety of things, but we do not like the fact that often the quality not always follows the requirements of the clients. We really pay attention to what the children are wearing and how the material will be checking in daily use. Therefore, despite much higher costs, we do not sew in Asia but in Poland, at Polish manufacturers and our products are made of Polish components.