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French children go to school four and a half days a week with a two hour lunch each day. They have more holidays than their counterparts almost anywhere in the West and, as you might know, I find this a lot. As there is no organised sport in French schools keeping Alexander active is really important, so we try to do fun things on Wednesday afternoon. We usually start with a nice lunch in a restaurant, then go to tennis lesson and afterwards we encourage Alexander to pick something he wants to do, within reason of course, it might be a trip to the Library or Playground, or even Swimming….

Here are some photo’s taken earlier today, en route de tennis! This boy thinks it’s still summer and that he doesn’t need to wear a coat! Silly him!

Alexander is wearing my  favourite T-shirt from the Spanish brand L’enfant Sauvage. Like?

Alexander in L'enfant Sauvage

L'enfant Sauvage

Hey you!

Purestartes Gro

Mix and match

Alexander is wearing my favourity Tee today! His L’enfant Sauvage T-shirt with the print Sauvage. One of the big pulls for me with L’enfant Sauvage clothes is that they offer a varied and diverse collection of simple clean Sweaters, Long and Short sleeved T-shirts and Bodysuits. The simple cuts and colours means the clothes are perfect for mixing and matching with cool jeans, shorts or dresses and skirts.

Today I combined it with Shampoodle’s warm knitted pants, his Gro Company hoodie (via Purestarters), his Munster College Jacket via Little Hanbury and his MAA trainers.