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Summer is synonymous with weddings. Chances are, some in the family has gotten at least one invite already.

The discussion as to invite or not invite children to a wedding always becomes a passionate one. In one corner, you have people (often with children of their own) who think children add a certain magic to the atmosphere — those precious moments otherwise only available at a card store. In the other corner, you have those who feel as though that “magic” is more the black variety — the screaming, the messing, the ruining. But including children in your festivities doesn’t have to be a horror movie in the making …

Especially when you see Sharon and Kenan. Brother and Sister are ready to attend a wedding and when attending a wedding, it’s important to look your very best. 

Sharon and Kenan are totally killing the wedding fashion game with their cool confidence and adorable ensembles don’t you think?!

Get inspired!

(All photo’s by Emily Kornya who just graduated from university and is now back in Europe!] 

Sharon and Kenan - Wedding Style

Sharon is wearing a dress by Flora and Henri. Kenan is wearing a blazer by Marie Chantal Children, Shirt underneath by Boboli, salopette by Play is Work via Kidding Presse and shoes by BBK.



Wonder what brother and sister are talking about…



Wedding Style

All photo’s by Emily Kornya for Les enfants a Paris –