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Salt-Water sandals have become quite popular in recent years becoming an all-time favourite for many. The perfect unisex sandal for little feet. They are specifically designed to be worn in and out of water (even salt water can’t affect them). Having had pairs for both myself and Alexander for a couple of years now we swear by their durability and value for money.

Salt Water Originals

Crafted from the finest quality materials, Salt-Water Sandals have become a dependable summer staple, never falling out of fashion. Run through puddles or through the rain and you’ll see how quickly these sandals dry and spring back to shape. We think they are amazing for Paris’ weather and it’s great for children who love to run in between playgrounds, water parks and sand pits. You’ll never have to worry that they’ll ruin their shoes. 

We can’t wait to wear them again throughout the summer!

If you fancy a pair you can shop Salt-Water Sandals directly from their website. We used their handy size guide to make sure we got the right fit.


Salt-Water Sandals

Salt-Water Sandals for young and old…

SW Gold Originals

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