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I don’t know what it is about children these days, but they seem to be awfully interested in sitting in front of the TV while playing video games. I don’t remember spending much of my childhood camped out in front of the TV, at least not while there was good weather outside and friends were available to play with.

Back then video games weren’t nearly as advanced as they are today. But even though I loved playing Mario Brothers and my friends and I spent hours playing that game late into the night, if the weather was good outside that’s where we would be found.

During the summer we played a lot of tennis and made the most beautiful drawings with sidewalk chalk. We also spent hours on the trampoline learning how to perfect the backflip and other tricks.

There was always something going on outside that was more important and more fun than playing video games.

Today that doesn’t seem to be the case. Alexander is just getting into that age where video games really interest him. He wants a Nintendo DS for his birthday and in the mean time he loves playing games on the ipad. We try to limit the amount of time he gets on playing games and that seems to work fairly well. He still reads more than he plays video games so we’re definitely doing okay so far. However, the other day I mentioned something to him about playing some game outside during the upcoming summer. I don’t even remember what activity I had mentioned but Alexander shut me down almost immediately.  He said, “Mum, I don’t want to do that in the summer. I want to spend my time out of school playing on my new DS.”

We definitely have to think this whole DS think through before we give it to him! 

No video games for Alia, Lydia, Alexis, Sammy, Grace, Olivia, Marley and Paisley who had a great time playing outside and Emily Kornya was there to photograph these precious moments. Get inspired!

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Alia is wearing a top by Nikolia, skirt by Rykiel Enfant and hairband by Amour Bows.

Lydia is wearing a top by Venera Arapu and skirt by Senorita Lemoniez.

Les enfants a Paris

Alexis is wearing a shirt by Bonpoint and shorts by Louis Louise. Sammy is wearing a top by Bobo Choses and skirt by Ava & Lu. Grace is wearing a romper by Bobo Choses


Olivia is wearing a top by Nikolia and skirt by Bonpoint. Marley is wearing a top by Nikolia and skirt by Orimusi. Layla is wearing a shirt by Rykiel Enfant and dress by Senorita Lemoniez. Grace is wearing a romper by Bobo Choses and Lydia is wearing a top by Venera Arapu and skirt by Senorita Lemoniez.


Grace is wearing a romper by Bobo ChosesSammy is wearing a top by Bobo Choses and skirt by Ava & Lu.


Paisley is wearing a top by Wolf & Rita and skirt by Dinui.


Having fun!


new clothes for summertime

Photography by Emily Kornya, children’s fashion photographer who works throughout Europe. She has recently moved back to Europe after completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature, Russian Literature in translation and South Slavic Studies at The University of Toronto.

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