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Do you wonder what it’s like behind the scenes of a photo shoot? Or what it is like to be a child model?!

It’s different every time of course, childrens fashion photographer Emily Kornya has worked for Lamantine, Je suis en CP! Hilda.Henri, The Small Gatsby, AliOli Kids and many others, but there is a general pattern each time that your child will either love or hate.

You’ll see it’s all good fun. Yes, there are down sides, a little bit of waiting around, some noise, a few outfit changes, but they get to meet some lovely people, and other children, the brand provide them with enough snacks and drinks to keep them going… 

Today we meet the model Luna Srithong!

Brian&Nephew (1)Name: Luna Srithong (twinsister of Lara)

Age: 10

Where do you live? Belgium

What languages do you speak? Dutch (Flemish) and I started learning French and English.

How old were you when you started modelling? I did a few shoots when I was a baby, toddler but after that I really started when I was 5 years old.

How many years have you been doing it for? So, I’ve been doing it for 5 years now.

Do you ever travel for modelling? If so where did you travel to? Yes, I do. I’ve travelled to Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne, London, Cannes, Valencia, Barcelona, Milano and I hope I will be able to travel much more! 

What is your favourite thing about modelling? Wearing beautiful clothes; seeing myself in magazines or catalogues or on billboards; being seen by everyone; travelling to several places; meeting new friends…

Do you have a certain shoot that was your favourite? If so, why? Pale Cloud because very nice people, wonderful brand and pictures. And Brian & Nephew because I shoot for them several times and they were always so great and I love their clothes. And Woody because I have lots of fun on their shootings.


PaleCloud 2015

Whats the funniest memory you have from a shoot? When the assistant on a shoot poured a cup of water over the head of the photographer to make the children laugh!

If you could shoot for any designer today, who would it be? Definitely DSQUARED² ! But also Mischka Aoki and Armani!

Do you, yourself like fashion? Of course! If so who are your favourite designers? Dsquared² and Cavalli.

What designers to do you like to wear? I like to wear Brian & Nephew.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I hope to be a model and/or kindergarten teacher.

Babiekins 2015

Babiekins 2015

Now some fun questions! What are your favourite;

Books: “Your life as a looser” movies: E.T. and Titanic

TV shows: “The Voice Kids” and “Tegen de sterren op” (Flemish TV).

Music or singers: One direction.

Toys or games: “do, truth or dare”.

Sports: trampoline and classical ballet.

Foods: spaghetti.

Chocolate brand: Belgian chocolate!

Vacation location: Spain and Thailand.

Subject in school: orthography, mathematics and sports.

Do you have any brothers or sisters? or any pets? I have one brother and two sisters (one of them is my twin sister Lara). And I also have 3 cats and a rabbit.

Other then modelling what else do you like to do for fun? I love going to school! But after school and in weekends I love chilling with my friends and dancing!

Tell us something unique about yourself? I’m mix of European and Thai parents, I have very long hair and I have a twinsister! (identical twins)

Dodoo (Eskimo) 2016

Dodoo (Eskimo) 2016

Petit Style by Emily Kornya

Petit Style by Emily Kornya

Bellerose 2014

Bellerose 2014


LiliGaufrette 2014

Bellerose 2013

Bellerose 2013

Rumbl 2013

Rumbl 2013

Kleine Fabriek 2012

Kleine Fabriek 2012

Room Seven 2011

Room Seven 2011


First shoot ever!