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Right before your child becomes a teenager, there is a golden moment when children become tweens. As any parent with children between the ages of 10 and 12 will tell you, it can be a challenging phase because tweens think they are older than they really are. They can be extremely moody. Add in the middle-school factor and things can get quite complicated at times, especially with girls.

However, those years right before your child becomes a teenager are amazing.

1. They’re becoming more independent.

Your child is getting more and more independent with each passing day. You still need to keep an eye on them, of course, but your preteen can do so much on his or her own. Tweens even make their own breakfast on the weekends!

2. They’re pretty funny.

Tweens say the funniest things. They are young enough to still be quite innocent but are aware enough of the world we live in to provide you with witty comments and endless chuckles. Don’t believe me? Just watch an awards show with your tween or an episode of The Voice.

3. They still listen to you.

They might not like what you tell them, but they still hang on your every word. Even better? They still feel they have to obey you, even if they don’t like it. Yes, I know this will quickly change, but I am enjoying every second while it lasts!

4. You can still discover the world together.

Even though their friends are more and more important to them, you can still do so much together and have fun. The key is meeting them where they are. Don’t force conversations but rather plan activities you know your tween enjoys. Whether it’s shooting some hoops, reading dystopian fiction at the same time, or riding Space Mountain … you gain a new perspective when sharing experiences with your child.

5. You can actually get them to help you.

Whether it’s helping out with chores, volunteering, or simply giving you a hand while preparing dinner, children this age are capable of so many things and you don’t have to worry so much. Mum tip: ask them to help rather than tell them to do it.

But most of all, I just love watching my children grow up, even if it’s happening too fast. And since one of them is a tween, I can still get away with kissing her. Just not in front of her friends.

Claire x

Photo’s  taken by André glukhov

Model: Courtney

Denim jacket by TQF,  jumpsuit by Primark