From our stylists


As parents, we must remember that our children see the public images around them and compare themselves to a beauty ideal that rarely ever matches up with who they see in the mirror. Since the media is only beginning to realise our need for positive visual representations of all bodies, we have a long way to go in terms of helping our children love themselves completely.

But with people like Jessica Vereecken, I’m beginning to feel so much hope for our future.

Real beauty has no shape, weight, or colour — this is gradually becoming the motto of the modern fashion world. On the catwalk and in fashion magazines, we can see more and more people with unusual appearances who are pushing the limits and trying to change our perception of beautiful models.

For this shoot Jessica combined Kids Fashion from Belgium with 5 models with a tiny imperfection. Roseline, a girl with a leg protheses. Kaat, a girl with chromosomal abnormality. Emiel, a boy with achondroplasia. Gus a boy with cerebral palsy and her own son Cas, een handsome, white-haired , yellow looking eyed elf with a hearing-aid and a cochlear implant. 

Get inspired.

Concept & Creative Director: Vereecken Jessica

Photography: Bahhodh Ahmed Photo Edit: Cornelis Gert (Allt)

Stylist: Foulard Coralie Muah 1 Josefien Vander Zande Muah 2 Anna Maltseva

Clothing by: Caroline Bosmans, Bo(y)smans (both available at Orange Mayonnaise), Max & Lola, Tarantela and molo.