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I can’t remember exactly when it became obvious that my daughter didn’t like sweets, but I know it was a long time ago. I’ve never had to battle with her over sweets for lunch, sweets in the supermarket aisle or treats at the bank. I don’t even really dread Halloween because she’s the one who will walk up to a bowl filled with Skittles, Nerds, Starburst and jellybeans and look up at the offerer as if to say “Got anything better?”

Hooray right?

Well, kind of.

She has a sweet tooth but prefers it be filled with chocolate and baked goods (my mum, she is so proud.) When I say sweets I mean sweets of the fruity, super sugary variety. She loves chocolate in almost any form (as long as there are no nuts or fruit involved) and likes most baked goods except for pie and cheesecake. She still manages herself really well, always asks before digging into her treats and knows when to stop before a stomach ache sets in.

People have tried to sneak her sweets, bribe her with it or surprise her with it and it never works, she looks at them as though they’re offering her brussels sprouts on a stick and offended they expect her to be excited about it. We’ve tried to get her to try a new thing here and there but they never go over well. I think the last thing she asked to try was bubblegum, she licked it and decided it wasn’t for her, I certainly wasn’t going to force her into it.

What’s even funnier is that when it comes to treats and indulgences? The darker the better. My mum attempted to offer her a half dozen different treats including gummy worms and toffee, what she finally settled on was 73% dark chocolate. Past 70% begins to get too dark for even me.

I’ve yet to meet another child that loathes sweets as much as my daughter does. I could put a table full of Willy Wonka’s finest in front of her and not worry about her sneaking a nibble, take her to the Hershey’s factory … well, that’s a different story.

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Evelyne is a professional photographer in The Netherlands. Based in The Hague, she specialises in shooting people and capturing personality. Though she works mostly in the The Hague area, Evelyne travels and shoots all over Holland. Boundaries do not exist between her portrait photography, corporate photography and commercial photography and she just launched her newest project ‘Kids by Eve’.