Lisa lives in Paris with her husband and 3 children. She is our Paris ‘hotspot’ expert.

Lisa Marlissa

Visit the world of PLAYMOBIL where there are different kinds of play worlds like Western, Magic Castle, School or the Knights just to name a few.

For kids it is amazing, each child can invent stories to infinity with thousands of of PLAYMOBIL at its disposal. Let yourself be carried away by the imagination of your children and share fun moments.

As a parent you also can relax with a cup of coffee or snack while your child is playing. The restaurant is in the middle of all the play worlds so you are able to easily keep an eye on your child.

We’ve been here a several times. In our stories my boys are playing the part of superheroes and me the part of the beautiful princess. Well I am so happy with that, even my imagination exceeds my wildest dreams. I am on cloud 9 as long as my boy sees me as their princess. So we are having a great day each time we visit the fun park. When the boys enjoying I am enjoying as well!

Lego fun park

PLAYMOBIL Fun Park is located in Ile de France just a few kilometers from Paris.

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