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A new brand on the blog today – Finger in the nose.

This label, with it’s base in Paris is set up by the Norwegian Siv Tone Kverneland. The combination of French Posh and Scandinavian Cool, are clearly and visable in the styles of Finger in the nose. Functional children’s clothing from beautiful, quality fabrics, and it’s thanks to the graphic prints and especially it’s sweatshirts and t-shirts, that the brand has established its inimitable style.

As usual Finger in the nose packs a big bag of authenticity and Rock n’ Roll attitude, and this collection is no different. This season there is a style focus on cats and horses for the girls and motorbikes and beaches for the boys. The products are made to ensure that children like wearing them, and their mother appreciates the way they look! A simple yet clever product capable of following the child everywhere and for a long time to come.

Finger in the nose is available at some of our favourite webshops like Orange Mayonnaise Broer & Zus

Some of our favourite pieces…

Spring Summer collection

Finger in the nose


Finger in the nose

Bathing suit

Une bonne dose d’authenticité, un soupçon de « Rock and Roll attitude » associés à une pointe de fonctionnalité, nos collections réussissent le pari de concilier l’allure de vêtements adultes et le confort dont ont besoin les enfants.

Des produits simples, solides et astucieux capables d’accompagner les enfants partout et longtemps.