Every year, the second Saturday of September, in parc de Saint-Cloud (92), which is located in the west of Paris, a big fireworks display takes place… Le grand feu de Saint-Cloud.

This year, this huge show is taking place this Saturday, September 7, from 21h to 23h.

If you want to be close to the fireworks, order your tickets here. It is a great and spectacular show. Almost 23000 people are going to visit! If you find this too much for you and your child(ren), don’t worry. We used to live around the corner and the view from just outside the parc is still amazing!

How to go there by public transport? There are some near stops are Boulogne/Pont de St Cloud by metro line 10, Pont de Sevres by metro 9, the station of Sevres Rive Gauche by train(line Montparnasse-Versailles Rive Gauche) or the station of Saint Cloud by train starting from Paris Saint Lazare.

Le grande feu


If you don’t like fireworks, Parc de Saint-Cloud is a great parc to visit during the day. There’s a big playground, beautiful fountains and hidden in the back of the parc, La Ferme pédagogique du Piqueur. A little farm with horses, rabbits, sheep, chickens and some other animals. It’s worth the trip. Visit their website to see what’s on as they organise workshops as well.

Parc de Saint-Cloud