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One-piece outfits


From newborn babies to pre-kindergarten tots, one-pieces offer some of the easiest ways to dress active children. Many mummies and daddies prefer one-pieces to mix-and-match outfits because they offer a simple solution to wardrobe choices. This is particularly important for those parents and caregivers who are short on time during busy mornings. One-piece clothing also lessens the laundry load, making them more economically attractive than their two or three-piece counterparts.

Do you agree or do you prefer to dress your child in a mix-and-match outfit?

Which of the one-piece outfits is your favourite? 

1. Cute baby pink newborn onepiece made of soft cotton. With a small deep grey ribbon and feet.

2. Little slippers / boots with penguin print.

3. navy blue one-piece with all over shuttles.

4. Dress up your little boy or girl with these lovely Fancy booties. Made from a very soft knit and finished with classic satin lace. Perfect to wear for every occassion your baby’s first year.

5. Jumpsuit with cross print.

6. Cute blue/white striped baby suit made of organic cotton with all-over birds print.

7. Soft leather slippers.

8. Ben pony girl body.

9. Leather shoes.

10. Cozy jumpsuit made out of soft jersey fabric with blue mackerel print.