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Photo shoot days are the best. However, behind the scenes is another story. From arranging models, clothes, props to locations and what not and then we have to write about it of course. Luckily I work a lot with children’s fashion photographer Emily Kornya who loves to shoot on the streets and works very naturally.

Emily “I love to shoot on the streets, they are filled with beautiful architecture and have lots of space for the kids to run around, explore and get imaginative. First off before shooting, I introduce myself to the models and their families and introduce all the children as well, so everyone can begin to feel comfortable with each other. If I have my phone I find it always helps to show the kids funny photos of animals, no matter what language they speak, they almost all seem to enjoy this! Then after getting changed, we will go on a walk, and stop whenever an interesting street appears. The shoots are all natural (no posing) and as simple as that, and always interesting, usually we find something unexpected and very interesting, both for photography aesthetic and for the kids enjoyment.”

In this post you will find some behind-the-scene images from our most recent photo shoots with Emily Kornya.  You might also spot some sneak peeks of other posts. All the behind-the-scenes photo’s are taken by HolgerMC Photography.

We hope you enjoy and find some inspiration in the images below, and feel free to comment and let us know what you think!

Behind the scenes with Emily Kornya

Sonya is wearing a dress by Raspberry Plum with underneath a T-shirt by EFVVA.

 Lina is wearing a jumper by I love gorgeous and a hat and skirt by Hebe.

behind the scenes munich

More photo’s of this shoot here

Styling Lina's hair

Emily styling Lina who is wearing Macarons

On set with Les enfants a Paris

Emily Kornya



Emily and Holger MC

All photo’s by HolgerMC Photography


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