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It’s funny how things work out.

When I were first setting up Les Enfants a Paris I always wanted to do photoshoots that weren’t, well, your traditional photoshoots. For me children have to enjoy it, and children’s fashion photographer Emily Kornya and myself decided to do these playdate photoshoots where the children can come along enjoy themselves and play – yeah, they model clothes but it’s about more then just the clothes.

Don’t get me wrong, regular photoshoots are important, but we both think it’s more inkeeping with LEAP that the shoots are natural and children are children.

So a year or so on it’s interesting seeing how they’ve grown, and evolved into a lovely little social network of friends, both children and mothers, with the children growing together and mothers and children staying in touch after the shoots, and planning ahead of the next playdate.

Here’s some inspiration for you. Have a nice Easter weekend!

xx Emily & Ileen

Kay Georgia in Bebe de Pino

Kay Georgia is wearing her Bebe de Pino sweater and holding up a cake topper by Toot Sweet via Kidshop. The children used them as flowers as they got told off whilst picking real flowers! Oops! Luckily I brought them with me.

Eden & Zoe meets Gardner and the Gang

Yes! It’s Spring and the sun in shining! Morgane is wearing her Gardner and the Gang dress via Dino Deluxe combined with Eden & Zoe‘s wrap cardigan. Alexander is wearing his Soft Gallery ‘Voyage’ sweater via Springstof combined with his molo knee-length shorts in the color plaid combination ‘Blue Check’.

Cutie in Filemon Kid

Shyrelle is wearing her Filemon Kid romper.

Les enfants a PAris

Faye is wearing Bengh per Principesse Tshirt with the print ‘Don’t say nothing’ combined with I dig denim skirt.

Bebe de Pino

Bebe de Pino sweater, Garder and the Gang skirt via Dino Deluxe & shoes by Pisamonas. Great combination no?!

Filemon Kid

Have a lovely weekend all!

Photos by Emily Kornya