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I can’t wait, we’re nearly on holiday.

One more day!

My holiday reading is packed, followed by the lotions and potions that I just don’t have time to mess with normally.

I’ve packed my manicure set –  last used on last years holiday – and I’ve even allowed Alexander to pack his Hula Hoop style rubber band bracelets. In a rash moment of Nice Mummy I said yes of course we would find time on holiday to laze by the poolside making bracelets. If you have any tips on how to make these things, leave a comment please as I haven’t got a clue!

So one day left before we go…… but to where?!

Well there is a question. We actually don’t know yet! We know we’re going camping, we’ve already packed our tent. But as to where? We’ll just see where we end up! Perhaps down South, maybe to the west we’ll just see which takes our fancy when we get in the car (though please leave a comment if you have suggestions for us!). All I know it that I wan’t to escape this chilly weather.

It’s August and we’re wearing sweaters today! (Although that’s partly due to the fact that I want to ensure his nice Tee’s will stay clean before we get where we are going). 

Going on holiday is great and exciting BUT there’s a catch. In my earnest attempt to be organised and in a position to sally forth without a care in the world on the morning of departure – I have to do the packing. I want the cases packed, zipped and locked before we go to bed tonight. My husband? he’ll just chuck something in a bag when he crawls out of bed tomorrow – then moan he’s brought the wrong stuff.  

Anyway, today Alexander is wearing a very cool crew neck sweatshirt by Scotch Shrunk via I dream elephants, featuring an all over car dashboard print. And in case you hadn’t noticed yet, he is currently in love with his slip ons! These are a co-label of Flora and Henri and Pepe Children’s Shoes and are made in Italy. A classic you can pair with any outfit! 

I guess this story is to be continued, but please let us know if you have good holiday suggestions in the South of France.

Happy holidays all! xx

For those chilly days

Alexander in Scotch Shrunk

Your little lad will love it.


Cheeky Alexander