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These Macarons are very colourful but not for eating. In the style of the Pâtisserie, Macarons stands for colourful and exquisite childrens clothes.

Founded by a French/German family in 2011, Macarons takes childrens fashion to another level: With highest respect for our planet, Macarons develops contemporary designs for babies, girls and boys aged 0–8 years old.

We adore the Macarons AW15 collection, which is full of gorgeous colours such punchy greens, bright peach and deep yellows contrasting with dark blue, white and pastels. And the fabrics used are just amazing and each macarons fabric tells its own story from quiet to loud, soft and delicate, structure, flow, function, rediscovery, innovation and the general love for great natural fabrics. (Learn more about the qualities and specifics of our innovative macarons fabrics here.)

Each piece is designed with enough space and comfort for children to be ‘real’ kids and at the same time, parents know their little ones are perfectly stylish for all occasions. And we love the fact that you are able to mix and match lots of different styles !!!


macarons aw15

Macarons Aw15


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BABY Macarons

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