Looking for an activity for your child(ren) during the last two weeks of the holidays? Yes, in Paris we are still enjoying the fact that the schools are closed. The Guimet Museum (Musée Guimet) is a museum of Asian art located at 6, place d’Iéna in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. It has one of the largest collections of Asian art outside Asia. It’s really interesting and there’s so much too see! Plus Musee Guimet offers a list of activities for children that are both fun and educational.

Activities in August ;

Monday, August 19 : “Real and fabulous Asian Animals” 
Discover the arts and cultures of Asia, through games of observation and imagination, samples of materials, tools of the sculptor or calligrapher, flasks, fragrant boxes sounds and music … (For 5-10 years)

Thursday, August 22 : Hero of Japan through manga and folktales, with Charlene Veillon. Discover the culture of Japan in a surprising way and rediscover it’s manga! (From 7 years)

Friday, August 23 : A story traveling back in time to meet the first emperors and the construction of the Great Wall of China. (From 7 years)

Monday, August 26 : Mandala Workshop. Build a palace like the one’s in Tibet with geometric shapes, colors , carefully assembled to build a sacred palace guarded by fearsome guardian symbols. (From 7 years)

Wednesday, August 28 : The Taj Mahal and the treasures of the Mughal emperors with Caroline Arucci. (From 7 years)

Thursday, August 29 : Discovery aquatic animals. Discover all animals related to water through observation and imagination games. (For 5-10 years)

Friday, August 30 : Career Day in Asia, with Caroline Arucci. The cherry blossoms in Japan, the New Year in China, the Buddha’s birthday in Thailand … there are a thousand opportunities to party in Asia! (From 7 years)

Musee Guimet Paris


Practical Information

Rates: 2h workshops 6.30 euros

Tales visits and discovery screens: 1.30, 4.80 euros (7.50 euros for parents)

Reservation required by phone or mail: 01 56 52 53 45 or