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Bengh per principesse; Bengh is trendy, Bengh is sophisticated, Bengh is cool, Bengh is hot, Bengh is so now!

Blogging about girls clothes is still a bit new for me as I only have  a boy, but if I had a girl I would be looking to dress her in Bengh! Their clothes are muticolored, they use the most delicate fabrics and with a surprising amount of details.

The inspiring Dutch brand surprises me each season, which is impressive considering they’ve been on the European market since 1999.

This winter they have used rich colours, glitter, lace, fun knits and heart elbow-patches on jackets and leggings. My favorite items from the winter 2013 collection are the biker jacket, the tricot hooded pine green dress, the snake print leggings and the lacey top rose violet that we reviewed here for you. It’s available in warm yellow and ecru as well and easy to combine with the rest of their collection. I have combined it with the night blue biker jacket and the snake print skirt. A pair of tights and shoes, and voilà , ready to go!

Bengh is available in the sizes age 2- 16 years old. You can shop Bengh per principesse here.

Bengh top

 Bengh per principesse

Bengh combo


Colourful Bengh

Dutch brand for girls