Kids Fashion


Having a little boy of my own, I’m always on the lookout for what’s new in boys fashion. This winter, I totally love the designs from the Dutch label Borxz.

Children’s clothing label Borxz (Bor*z) is the brother of Bengh per Principesse (blogpost). It’s a playful, unpredictable and surprisingly fashionable brand that uses colourful designs and fun details to create an original look. Bor*z is known for it’s ‘funny’ quotes on T-shirts and slim fit shirts with or without cool prints.

Inspired by music and American football this winter, Borxz shows us that prints, designs and colour can be a great match for boys. For Alexander I shopped the ‘Oh No’ sweater. You like?! The material is so soft and love the elbow patches.

What do you think of the winter collection? You can shop Borxz here


Let’s see, what’s on the menu tonight.

Today's menu

A very special menu and Alexander is ready to start cooking in his Bor*z sweater.

Cooking has started…


Alexander takes cooking very seriously and forgot to put on his apron, hence the waterdrops on his sweater.

 Sweater – Borxz

Jeans – Molo

Shoes – Koel4kids