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It’s going to happen, you know it is. At some point, if not this week then certainly next, it’s going to rain. Having the right wet weather clothing and accessories stashed away in the hall for sudden showers or biblical downpours is not only advisable, it’s absolutely essential. 

Children always want to be in the outdoors regardless of the weather which is why children’s rain coats have become such a staple item of their wardrobes.

We show you the best way to fight the forecast this season with our much-loved selection of children’s rainwear brands. Perfect for the school run, walks, trips to the park or playing out with friends.

popupshop - make a splash

POPUPSHOP Children’s clothing was founded in 2007 and Danish Marie Louise Mogensen designs the beautiful, simplictic clothes. The idea behind POPUPSHOP is to design unisex basics, which are both sustainable and high fashion. POPUPSHOP’s modern basics are always organic and sold to an affordable price. New in their collection is their rainwear available at Orange Mayonnaise.

oilandwaterboysandgirls - Edited

If you like style, originality and great quality, you will love the Oil & Water collection. The vision of Oil & Water is to cover girls in style, enhancing her inner fashionista with raincoats, jackets and ponchos as stylish as the clothes underneath.

They have taken great care to reinforce snaps, tailor hoods to ‘hug’ little heads, fully line all styles for everyday comfort and use the highest quality of washable waterproof and water resistant fabrics. Good for Moms! Special for girls!

Oil & Water is a company that hopes to inspire girls to be adventurous and bold in their choices. When skies are grey… they will SHINE.


The AliOli Kids Rainwear Collection is made in the Spanish Basque Country. Made from waterproof polyurethane which gives a smooth matt finish. The sleeves can be turned up to reveal the jaunty blue and white striped lining which is also super soft against the skin.

Having the right wet weather clothing

Hatley Rainwear apparel is covered in colour and pun, using clever play on words and popular culture in addition to vibrant and original designs inspired by nature and wildlife. From Rainwear Coats to Wellies the children can splash in puddles.


The people behind GOSOAKY have learned that it is possible to love the rain. It’s a part of everyday life in the Netherlands, so why not make the best of it? GOSOAKY believes that a shower or two don’t have to ruin an otherwise stylish day. The rainwear collection fuses time-tested weather protection with Dutch design in clean cuts and beautiful details. GOSOAKY rainwear is a tribute to all children who love to go on an outdoor adventure and their parents who love their kids to stay dry and look nice. Available at Orange Mayonnaise.

colour-changing-cupcake-umbrella-04b - Edited

Designed with little hands in mind, the umbrella opens by simply pressing the button so no need to worry about trapped fingers. Shop umbrella’s by Tyrrell Katz at Kidshop.