Le Cafezoide is the only café in Paris, as far as I know, which is totally dedicated to children from newborns through to the age of 16 years, although they must be accompanied by a parent of course!

Le Cafezoide is a hotspot that is completely free from cigarettes and alcohol and has been designed to give the children somewhere to go after school and also to get the teenagers off the streets.

Whether you live in Paris or not, everyone is welcome from Wednesday – Sunday from 10am – 6pm. It is truly a great place for children, teenagers and their families to get together. And there’s so much to do! Indoor games, shows, exhibitions, outdoor games…. Or just for a coffee… Le Cafezoide also organises special events such as film festivals, dance parties, treasure hunts, story time and a lot more.

The first visit is completely free, but on the second visit you must give a contribution of €6,00 per child per year to continue to enjoy the scene and it is also the responsibility of the child’s parents or the adult with them to make sure they behave.

Drinks here are very affordable (€1,50) and you can even have lunch at Le Cafezoide.

 More information (In French) here.

Le Cafezoide

La Cafezoide in Paris

92 bis Quai de la Loire, 75019 PARIS  Tél: 01 42 38 26 37

M° Laumière ( ligne 5), Crimée (ligne 7) ou Jaurès (lignes 2 et 5)
Bus 60