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I started skiing when I was 3 years old and gosh I wish the Molo outerwear collection already existed back then. Flicking through old photo albums, my brother and me are always in those boring plain and old fashioned snowsuits. (Sorry mum!)

The Molo outerwear collection is characterized by combinations of bright colours and crazy, funny shapes and figures. Humour is key, both for boys as for girls! This is the same for their day-to-day wear, which is available here.

Molo deliberately prioritised their choices when it comes to designing their snowsuits, jackets and ski pants in order to create high quality outerwear. They’ve made sure all of their outerwear is waterproof whilst still breathable, highly visibile (reflective piping and molo’s star reflectors) and conforms to all European childrens wear safety regulations. They have also taken in account the weight of the clothing, they do this for the sake of the child to ensure that the outerwear does not weigh the child down or reduce their mobility.

I can’t wait to go Molo in the mountains!

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MOLO Outerwear

Molo outerwear

Molo Outerwear AW13

Molo outerwear

Molo outerwear