Well.. KOOZA’s performance was nothing short of A-MA-ZING! It was truly fascinating, awesome, incredible, surprising and breathtaking.

Cirque du Soleil offered me 2 VIP tickets with access to the VIP Rouge tent. From the minute we entered the VIP tent, a red-ribboned VIP Rouge pass was placed around our necks by very kind Cirque du Soleil employees. At 19h00, one hour before the show begon, we were served the most delectable and delicious hors d’œuvre we have ever tasted (foie gras was my favourite!), enjoyed in a well heated tent that is exquisitely designed and beautifully decorated. There was an open bar and champagne and wines were flowing as if we were celebrated guests of the Queen.

Once we found our seats in the grand tent, the lights dimmed to complete blackout and the sound of wind filled the tent and a light but mystical tune was played by the band and a boy representing Innocence with a kite appeared on stage. He tried hard but he could not get the kite to take to the winds. A bicycle delivery man then entered with a huge package for the boy. He unwrapped the big square box and out jumped a jack-in-the box clown and with one forward thrust he jumped out of the box onto the stage and is instantly transformed with an entirely different costume as The Trickster.

What follows as The Trickster leads Innocence are the most exhilarating circus acts I have ever witnessed, always initiated by the flick of The Trickster’s magic wand. 

Of course, I did some research before the show and I read some comments about the clowns and some other characters but in my opinion they weren’t scary at all! They were funny and they were interacting with the audience before and during the show. Children were laughing and clapping loudly! We were surrounded by children and not once I have noticed they were scared or that the music was too loud.

My favourite act of the evening?! Definitely the contortionists – beautiful, balletic, and certainly a challenge to one who is still having trouble putting her socks on. The wheel of death was definitely the act were I had to hold my breath. It was very impressive but I could’nt stop thinking ‘what if they fall?!’.

Cirque du Soleil Kooza opens today (November 23), only a few hundred meters outside Paris, Under the Grand Chapiteau on the island Ile Seguin, Boulogne-Billancourt.

Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza tells the story of The Innocent, a lonely and decrepit soul who loses himself in the world. A story, which combines today’s modern fantasy with the traditional aspects of the circus.

Snaps of Kooza
We were not allowed to take photographs inside the main tent, but we did manage to take some snapshots before.

We asked a couple of children what their favourite part of the show was and this is what they answered.

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