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5PREVIEW meets 3 friends… “Can you make a photograph of me and my friends mummy?” Alexander keeps asking me… Sure! But why was I under the impression that it would be an easy photo shoot? Trust me. You should have seen the state of the living room after the shoot! Such a mess!! But they did well! And gosh, they love their new clothes!

5PREVIEW is  a clothing brand that caters for children (and adults!). Founded in 2008 by Swedish designer Emeli Martensson, it is definitely one of Sweden’s coolest brands… Stylish unisex T-shirts, pants and sweaters in simple colours with fun tongue in cheek prints, created for children aged 2 years to 10 years old.

Want to see the rest of the collection?! Visit 5preview’s website here.

3 friends

5 preview

The silly boys

[Left] Unisex T-Shirt – MIAU MIAU [Right] Unisex T-Shirt – V

Kieran in 5preview

Unisex T-Shirt – SALVATORE

Best friends

Unisex jogging bottoms – ALL OVER PREVIEW

Alexander in 5preview