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KaPow Kids

I already notice some preferences in clothing by two of my boys. I know my eldest son loves wearing vests with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, where wearing trackies is one of Daynes favourite garments. You can dress him with trackies everyday and it will not bother him. He loves them and I am so happy that there are a variety of cool trackies to buy nowadays. But with youngest you can still dress him in everything and he’s ok with it. He’s my little fashion doll, I can try different kinds of styles with him. So today he’s got something on of KaPow kids!

Kapowkids is a unique Australian label based in Melbourne. They have a cool range of handmade clothing for babies & children. The collection includes funky leggings, onesies, slouch hats, bandana bibs and headbands in the coolest prints.

Keys is wearing the Rock And/Or Roll T-shirt & the safari leggings, don’t you just love these items!?


KaPow Kids

Kapow Kids

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