Kids Fashion


French children’s clothing is known for timelessness. It’s classic, with beautiful muted colours and chic in a way other countries just don’t seem to be able to replicate.

La Fabrique de Rilou AW14 fits the description.

Simple and comfortable cuts with a touch of retro are to the fore coupled with a touch of humor and poetry. The collections are hand made in France, and are either limited edition or unique.

Impact on the environment is important to La Fabrique de Rilou and natural bio degradable materials are preferred. The range of colours are soft and sober but decorated with subtle shades representing A world of sweetness and light that accompanies the child in his discovery of the world!

We got the opportunity to organise a photoshoot at the Chateau in Chantilly with some creations from the La Fabrique de Rilou Aw14 collection, hope you like it!


Facebook: laFabriquedeRilou

Charlie and Thomas

Thomas is dressed in La Fabrique de Rilou’s ‘Shorts Gabin‘ combined with a warm I dig denim sweater that’s available here, Collegien socks and Converse shoes.

Charlie is wearing La Fabrique de Rilou’s ‘Gilet Gilbert‘ and the ‘Jupe Cassandre‘ combined with a striped sweater from the Dutch brand Broer & Zus.

La Fabrique de Rilou

Riley is wearin La Fabrique de Rilou’s ‘Robe Fortunee‘.

Happy boy

My own little boy Alexander is wearing La Fabrique de Rilou’s ‘Short Gabin‘ [tartan vert] combined with a Kidscase sweater from the webshop Orange MayonnaiseCollegien socks and beautiful leather Angulus boots from the webshop The Little Nordic Shop.

Charlie & Thomas

Charlie & Thomas

Playing Catch

Playing catch…

Chateau in Chantilly


Misty is dressed in the thick white cotton ‘Tunique Suzanne‘ from La Fabrique de Rilou’s Aw14 collection.

La Fabrique de Rilou AW14

A lovely day out for Les enfants a Paris to the Chateau of Chantilly. All children dressed in La Fabrique de Rilou and Collegien.

Autumn in Chantilly

The two beautiful sisters Misty and Riley from NYC.


Photographs taken in Paris by the talented children’s fashion photographer Emily Kornya.

Originally from Toronto Canada, Emily just began a new journey, one that took her to live in Paris, France for a year. Still only 21  and completing an undergraduate degree in English Literature, Russian Literature, and South Slavic Studies, Emily has huge talents, and not only in the photographic field.