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Alexander is wearing an incredibly soft and snug grey knit jumper – almost makes you look forward to the really really cold weather ahead. Beautifully designed for a great fit which means that it feels good to wear and is substantial without being smothering.

And now that it’s finally getting colder Alexander has started wearing his new boots out and about. We bought these back in July when we visited their factory in Spain and I’m so happy he finally gets to wear them. You never know with children’s feet and I kept worrying what if his feet grow overnight?!

MAA is a striking collection of footwear in vivid colours and premium-quality leather that includes trainers, high-tops, sandals and boots. We are a big fan the MAÁ Shoes simply because they are cool to look at and practical to wear.

Visit MAÁ Shoes here and the grey jumper is available at the webshop The Little Nordic Shop.

I dig denim meets Maa Shoes

I dig denim meets Maa Shoes

Sirine and Alexander

I wonder what he said to her. Can you come up with a good caption for the photo?

Happy Alexander

I dig denim meets Maa Shoes

Photographs taken in Paris by the talented children’s fashion photographer Emily Kornya.

Originally from Toronto Canada, Emily just began a new journey, one that took her to live in Paris, France for a year. Still only 21  and completing an undergraduate degree in English Literature, Russian Literature, and South Slavic Studies, Emily has huge talents, and not only in the photographic field.

Maa shoes