Kids Fashion


Do you remember my post not just a playdate from last week? About how it’s funny how things work out!?

I wrote that it’s quite interesting seeing how the children who come to the Les enfants a Paris playdate’s, have grown, and evolved into a lovely little social network of friends, both children and mothers, with the children growing together and mothers and children staying in touch after the shoots, and planning ahead of the next playdate.

Well, yesterday was a perfect example of this. We met up with Elsa Houben from Bruxelles to go to Lucky Mum and Le Maddie Shop event, THE shopping event of the weekend! It was great! Many nice French designers and a great atelier for children organised by Diablo Mint, so if you have nothing to do this afternoon….

It’s open until 18h00. 244 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, métro line 1 Concorde excit rue Cambon.

Afterwards Elsa and Alexander went outside to play on rue de rivoli and luckily Emily was there to capture the 2 of them! 

Elsa and Alexander

Look there!

Elsa & Alexander

Rue de Rivoli

Happy kids

Playing kids

Louis Louise


So if you ever wondered where Parisians might find clothes to dress their children in such a stylish manner? Look no further! Both children are dressed in Louis Louise, a wonderful Parisian children’s clothing brand created by Julie Meiler in 2006. It’s a mixture of simple, chic and delicate fabrics combined with effortless helpings of French style and elegance. Soon more about Louis Louise on the blog.

Elsa is wearing Louis Louise’s denim jumpsuit combined with mustard coloured foulard.

Alexander is wearing Louis Louise’s tunique combined with their denim shorts.

Alexander’s shoes are by 10is via the webshop Les Casse Pieds.