I love going to the theatre and really want to share my passion with my little boy. He has seen quite a few theatre shows in Pairs so far and I cant wait to take him to Augustin Pirate des Indes.

Augustin Bolubile is only 6 years old when he becomes the captain of a pirate ship. His passion is spices. To uncover the treasure of the Maharaja of Pondicherry, Augustin and his crew (the public!) will cross the Indian Ocean on the back of a whale, discover clove trees, escape from tigers and sing many sailor songs.

Augustin pirate des Indes

Augustin pirate des Indes

When? From 21/09/2013 until 04/01/2014

Where? La Nouvelle Seine, Face au 3, quai Montebello, Peneiche sure berges, 75005 Paris

For boys and girls age 3 and up

Duration: 55 min

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