Kids Shoes


Today a Koel4kids review on Les enfants a Paris.

Koel4kids is a Dutch shoe brand that stands for high quality kids footwear. Colourful, playful and fresh are just some keywords used to describe the collection. 

The founders of Koel4kids, Heidy van Elk en Vanessa Wijsmuller, design all the shoes and give each a typical Dutch name. Names like Daan, Keesje, Stijntje and Klaartje… While designed in Holland the shoes are handmade in the South of Europe and have a rubber sole with ‘KOEL’ printed on it. Koel4kids runs from size 23 to 42! 


You might have noticed Alexander’s new boots before but in case you missed it… I got him the Jip Camel Red Sole, low boots with 2 zips so it’s very easy to put them on.

Koel4kids review

The low boots are quite classic and easy to combine with Alexander’s clothes. So many different combinations possible…

Koel4kids review

The famous Koel4kids red sole with Koel print.


Combined his Koel4kids boots with Molo Kids Jeans and a Mini & Maximus T-shirt

Borxz sweater

Koel4kids Jip boots in combination with Molo Kids Jeans and Bor*z sweater.

Playing outside before the party starts

Aren’t the Jip boots nice!? 

Funky in Funky Legs

Even combined with leggins the boots look cool!

Koel4kids prices range from EUR 59,90 to EUR 119,-. Visit their website by clicking here to see all the different models they offer. And psssst, they still have summer sale…