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Every book lover has a special place they prefer to read. The act of reading is a very intimate one, and deeply personal. For some it’s comfy at home on the sofa, for others it’s in a noisy cafe, and still others prefer their favourite chair. I was thinking about this while I was chatting with a friend about books. We started talking, not only where you read, but how readers prepare for reading a new book. Starting a book is very much like deciding to spend time with a friend, and this often requires preparation.

I am not one of those readers who needs a special cup of tea or candles, but rather I seek comfort when I’m about to indulge in a new book. I’m more particular about where I read. I find that if I’m reading a mystery or thriller, especially a nail-biting one, I like to be sitting on the sofa with all the lights on. It’s as if the lights protect me from being too gripped by the book to be scared by it. I don’t read scary books in bed before I fall asleep, because then I listen to every creak in the house, the heat, and the occasional outside animal noise, and convince myself that a character, usually the bad one, from the book is about to break into the house.

My new favourite place to read is on our new traditional bedouin floor cushions in front of the window in our main living room. This is the part of the house where the sun streams in during the afternoon. The floor cushions are so comfortable, inviting and large enough that Alexander and I both have plenty of room to stretch out. The beauty of this arrangement is that we can both enjoy the sun and a good book. I particularly like this because there is something wonderful about reading in the warmth during the winter.

So, readers, where do you and your children you like to read? Do you have any new book rituals that you find set the mood for a new book?

Where do you and your children like to read?

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Evelyne is a professional photographer in The Netherlands. Based in The Hague, she specialises in shooting people and capturing personality. Though she works mostly in the The Hague area, Evelyne travels and shoots all over Holland. Boundaries do not exist between her portrait photography, corporate photography and commercial photography and she just launched her newest project ‘Kids by Eve’.