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Over the years, in dealing with our adorably willful, now 4,5 -year-old son, my husband has often joked that you don’t negotiate with terrorists – and he’s right. Younger children especially know that phony tears, shrieking tantrums, whining, and perhaps the most deadly, the “I thought you loved me” face, are all tactics that can petrify parents.

But some things, like walking to school, are worth fighting for. Aside from the obvious health benefits of the exercise, it’s been proven that physical activity in the morning helps children academically, too.

I know it’s getting colder, although today was a beautiful sunny day in Paris. I caught Alexander even taking off his coat. (guess he wanted to show off his new ‘rocket print’ shirt!) I really hope that soon we’ll get some snow… And yes, instead of driving my child to friend’s houses, school or the park, tennis, you’ll see us walking down the street. I make a pledge not to drive my car unless I really have to and Alexander, he just has to walk along with me.

Do you drive everywhere or do you enjou walking just like me?

Alexander in L'asticot - walking


L'asticot on Les enfants a Paris

Happy Boy



Both Alexander’s shirt and trousers are from the Swiss brand L’asticot. L’asticot presents a collection of graphic prints and practical high quality cotton clothing and accessories for babies. L’asticot is the project of two friends united in the same desire to provide sustainable solutions for children. With their experiences as mothers, Christie and Danielle felt the need to create practical and comfortable clothes, but also playful, original and offbeat, like thechildren who wear them. In 2009, the first models of L’asticot were created with functionality and originality and creative easy to wear styles.

Feel free to visit their website here

Other items Alexander is wearing; shoes by Maa Shoes and outdoor winter jacket by molo