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Those lazy days of summer are almost over and some children already went back to the classroom this week. For the children, returning to school it’s mainly about seeing their friends again, but for others it’s a much tougher reality. 

So making the most of the last few days of your summer is all the more important, and it seems that every family has a favourite way to spend the last few days at their holiday destination before hopping in the car, plane or train to head home. One last glimpse of the waves rolling in, gathering special rocks to bring home, taking family photos or just eating at a favourite restaurant on the way home…

As life returns to the daily grind we slowly see school buses take to the road forcing commuters to adjust their schedule, young children need to get back to a set bedtime and teachers have to prepare their daily class schedule.

Gone are the lazy days of summer.

It’s back to routine for everyone.

[all photo’s taken by Olesja Mueller]

Kid Fashion

Swimsuit by molo and boots by Anais and I.


Swimsuit by Pixieoto, Necklace by Modern Queen Kids, Sunglasses by molo and boots by Anais and I.






Jumpsuit by Feather Drum, necklace by Modern Queen Kids, backpack Sarabanda and boots by Anais and I.


Photo’s are also published in Dreamer Journal  (get your copy here). 

Art direction/photography and styling by Olesja Mueller. Make up & hair by Michelle Foster.

Model Siena Fallas @ ZURI NYC. Clothes supplied by

Bunny by Little Horse On The Prairie -Photographed in Malibu Hills