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Ahhhhh summertime. So carefree. So awesome. So hard to say goodbye to. In France we still have 4 weeks left though but I know some readers already went back to school yesterday!

So at some point, we’ll have to start enforcing bed time again, and making sure everyone can still read after a summer of… whatever you’ve been letting them get away with.

Unfortunately these glorious days of not having to be the homework police and sleeping in past 6 a.m. can’t last forever. And to be honest, I like the idea of my own boy going back to school even though we are now on holidays and enjoying the swimmingpool, beach and sunshine! He is totally ready to go back! Luckily there’s a kids club were we are!

Get inspired with this it’s time to go back to school selection!


1. Awesome colored feather coat (real feathers !) by Caroline Bosmans via Orange Mayonnaise

2. Sweat top by Miss Ruby Tuesday via Orange Mayonnaise

3. The MINI Kånken backpack by Fjällräven via Orange Mayonnaise

4. Knitted leggings by Caroline Bosmans via Orange Mayonnaise

5. Stone multicolor FINGER PAINT printed shoe by Akid via Orange Mayonnaise

6. Boys reversible short down jacket ‘Snowjump’ by Finger in the Nose via Orange Mayonnaise

7. Schoolbag with back straps by Emile et Ida via Orange Mayonnaise

8. Soft sweat top by Stella McCartney Kids. via Broer & Zus

9. Green colored trousers by Mad-Monkeys via Orange Mayonnaise

10. A classic AKID shoe with a twist in blue via Orange Mayonnaise