Last week we went to ‘The world’s largest dinosaurs’ exhibition at the Grande Gallerie de l’Evolution (Great Gallery of Evolution). The exhibition has been going for a while, but not having had time to go there we decided to take advantage of a rare free day and finally make the trip.

‘The world’s largest dinosaurs’ (grrrrr!!) tells the story of the Sauropods, the biggest dinosaurs of them all. These gentle giants were herbivores, sometimes reaching up to 40 meters in length.

The exhibition aims to explain how they lived, covering facts such as how they dealt with the constantly changing climate or even finding enough food to feed themselves.

My little boy is 2 years old and although very much into dinosaurs was perhaps a little bit too young to understand everything that was going on. But he loved the interactive elements, such as being able to touch the dinosaurs bones and play with some really cool high-tech gadgets and learning stations. Oh, and he really loved the dinosaur eggs and babies.

A very successful trip!

Cool fact: For age 6 and up they have an archaeological dig on site which will introduce young people to the fascinating profession of paleontology.

The Grande Gallerie de l’Evolution

 @ the Grande Gallerie de l’Evolution

The world’s largest dinosaurs

Dinosaurs and their eggs

Grande Galerie de l’Evolution – Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle

Jardin des Plantes – 36, rue Geoffroy Saint Hilaire 75005 Paris

This exhibition runs until June 24th 2013, and is free for children under 4, costs €7 for children 4-25, and €9 for adults over 25 years of age