Whilst writing this I can hear the thunder outside and what else can you do then hide inside your house and watch films?! So when I found out about the Magic Lantern I thought I’d share this with you as I think it’s a great concept.

Magic Lantern is a film club for children aged 6 to 12 years old. Its purpose is to familiarize the younger to incomparable pleasure of the discovery of cinema … at the cinema! Once a month during the school year, all members of the club are invited to discover in a real theater, a quality movie appropriate to their age. A few days before each session, the children receive an illustrated journal that introduces the film program at home.

Exclusively for children but supervised by competent and responsible adults, children get a taste of the major emotions of cinema, emotions that parallel those we experience in our daily lives: laughter, fantasy, a bit of fear and sadness. Through this unique concept The Magic Lantern helps children to discover cinema as an art form and makes them aware of its different components: music, theatre as well as literature.

The seasonal membership card costs about as much as two individual cinema tickets. With nine film showings per year including the illustrated leaflet, the sketch and the film, The Magic Lantern makes it easy for all girls and boys to join the club. The membership also allows him or her to participate in contests, see film previews or visit film festivals. How great is this!?!

For more information go to the Magic Lanterns website here.

The Magic Lantern

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