From our stylists


There are numerous reasons I’m grateful for the fact trainers are currently en vogue. Firstly: comfort. While I’m happy to brave vertiginous heels or bafflingly strappy sandals when the outfit calls for it, my feet aren’t always so thrilled by the end of the day. No such problem with trainers.

Secondly, I love the way a good pair of trainers takes the ‘try hard’ out of any outfit, while still injecting a dash of cool into the overall look. A floral maxi dress  and court shoes? Bit much for weekend brunch. The same dress with trainers? Perfect.

And when they look this good, it almost doesn’t matter what else you wear, because everyone will be staring approvingly at your feet.

Get inspired by my selection of trainers for mums and some of my favourite dresses.

1. Contrasting-coloured trainers 2. Pink satin trainers 3. Lunar trainers 4. Lightweight trainers 5. Sonnie leather trainers 6. White trainers 7. Tripple S. low-top trainers 8.  Neoprene trainers 9. Trainers with laces 10. Embossed leather trainers 11. Trainers with flames 12. City up trainers 13.  Embellished trainers

Chiffon dress

Casual dress

Leopard dress


asymmetric patchwork dress

Shirt dress

Striped dress

Printed shirt dress