Today a guest blog from Lisa. Lisa lives in Paris with her husband and 3 children.

Lisa's 3 boys

Lisa’s 3 boys

Studio des Ursulines is one of the most prestigious theaters of Paris, provided a rich cinematic past. In 1955 Studio des Ursulines became the first cinema that showed Arthouse films.

Since March 2003, it aims to offer young Parisian public, age 3 and up, a place of discovery of cinema in all its diversity.

Me and my boys often go to the Studio des Ursulines. It’s very cosy, intimate and warm with its red velvet interior. We have seen a variety of Arthouse films from Japan, Sweden and off course France among others. Each week there is a new program with films for all ages. If you are looking for a cinema that does not show the average Disney movies, Studio des Ursulines it is!

Want to find out what’s on this month? Click here.

Studio des Ursulines

Studio des Ursulines