Kids Fashion


This winter we see the long over due revival of the classic Tartan print. Used by some of the top fashion designers on the planet for children’s clothes such as Kipp, a Brooklyn based childrens brand that caught our attention a couple of weeks ago. (To read to interview with the founder click here)

The KIPP collection AW15 features high-end fashion for the younger set with tailored cuts and smooth, soft fabrics throughout. Hip, smart and sophisticated, the collection offers up traditional looks with a modern twist sure to satisfy the trendiest parents and their children!

So prep your children’s winter wardrobe with Kipp’s AW15 collection.

Get inspired by Stella and Calixte who are both dressed in pieces from the Kipp Aw15 collection. Are you feeling the tartan trend? Let us know what pieces catch your eye.


[Other items; Calixte’s scarf by Bobo Choses via Springstof, boots by Pisamonas and Stella’s hat is by Amour Bows]

Stella in Kipp

Stella is wearing KIPP COLLECTION‘s plaid dress with knit sleeves.

Calixte and Stella in Kipp AW15

Calixte is wearing KIPP COLLECTION‘s Grey/Navy plaid wool pants combined with the brand’s cardigan.

Stella in KIPP AW15

KIPP AW15 collection

Calixte is wearing a scarf by Bobo Choses via the webshop Springstof and his shoes are by Pisamonas.

Stella’s hat is by Amour Bows.


Stella & Calixte in Kipp

Stella in Kipp and Amur Bows

Stella and Calixte

All photographs by Emily Kornya for Les enfants a Paris.

[Thanks Julie for letting us use your staircase!]