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Hair accessories are not just decorations to top the curly ponytails often worn by little girls. More and more, they are becoming a fashion trend among children, teens and adult women. They come in different sizes, styles, colours, and materials and when it comes to matching them with different outfits are very versatile.

A simple addition that has the potential to change the entire look of one’s clothing for the day.

So, let me introduce you to Amour Bows, founded by graphic artist Malky Rosner and custom made to order, it’s quickly become my go to accessories brand.  

When Malky became a mummy she wanted only the best for her daughter but when it came to hair accessories she looked everywhere but  disappointing with what was on offer she started designing and making her own. The unique hair accessories and would get comments everywhere she took her daughter and seeing a demand rising she decided to start Amour Bows.

From morning to night it is her family that inspires her to create new designs and takes the brand one step further season after season…

All products are created by a team of talented designers, crafters, and artists who work hard to ensure each piece is perfect. Everything is hand made in house, in the US, insuring the brands requirements high quality and craftsmanship throughout their collection is consistently met. 

We are big fans of Amour bows and love to wear them for just about every occasion. every girl loves a statement piece! And they design pieces for boys as well!


amour bows

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amour aw15

amour bows



All photo’s taken by Leah Mermelstein Photography for Amour Bows.