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Always on the lookout for new brands, Brooklyn based childrens brand KIPP collection caught our attention.

The KIPP collection AW15 features high-end fashion for the younger set with tailored cuts and smooth, soft fabrics throughout. Hip, smart and sophisticated, the collection offers up traditional looks, each with a modern twist sure to satisfy the trendiest parents and their children!


Time for an interview with the founder / designer of KIPP!

Would you mind introducing yourself and your brand to our readers?

My name is Toby which unlike most Toby’s out there, I’m female :). I’m the designer and creator of KIPP™. Our children’s fashion brand is designed for those with a high taste in fashion, yet comfort and fit is always key.

What was your background prior to starting Kipp?

Starting at a young age I’ve always been artistic and on the creative side. Projects were always exciting, as I accepted the challenge to create something different and unexpected. Later on, oil painting became part of my evening routine as it was relaxing and therapeutic after a long day at the office.

What got you started working in children’s fashion?

As mentioned earlier, I worked in a fast pace insurance firm for 8 years. It was a great experience with constant challenge. After I had my first born I didn’t want the stress of the office to consume me the way it did. So I started sketching some ideas which my husband set out to import. KIPP™ soon became a reality.

Do you have children?

Yes, three. I’m a proud Mommy to my 7 year old son who’s a mischievous deep thinker with a sensitive loving side. My 5 year old princess who’s so fearless and loves to have a good time. And of course my baby boy who’s the most kissable 20 month old I know .

What has changed in your life since you became a mother?

Frivolous things that used to matter, matter no more. Priorities are set straight. Your children teach you the importance and meaning of true happiness.

What is the best thing about being a mother?

There are so many best things about being a parent. There is nothing better than telling a child you love them so and them telling you they love you back.

What is your advice for new mums?

Be the best you can be and everything else will fall into place. There’s no limit in telling your child how much he/she’s loved.

How do you combine motherhood and work?

I won’t lie, it isn’t easy. But I’m learning as my children grow up that it’s ultimately up to you and you only to set aside time for your children and put family before business.

How do you make sure everything is in balance (work, family, friends)?

I have the support and help of my loving family. Hired help goes a long way, too.

Tell us a bit about your drive and purpose, your vision for your designs.

Honestly, once I pick up a paper and pen it’d difficult for me to stop. Sharp kids in neat clothes…don’t we all take a second look?! Other than fashion and trend, comfort is essential for growing children.

What do you feel makes your work unique?

Every season our team works hard on bringing our designs and styles up another notch. We keep changing things up from season to season. This is how we keep our customers always wanting more.

What’s your favorite design from your current line?

For the boys I love the slim plaid wool dress pants. It’s fashionable with a modern twist that can be paired with any knit or printed top. For girls our favourite is a complete dress. No layering necessary. Kids love that.

Kipp Collection AW15

What are some essentials that every child should have in their closet / toyroom?

For the boys, cool printed bowties to dress up or suspenders to dress down. For the girls, need a pop of color whether in the shoes or in the hair pin.

Where do you shop for you children?

I shop on the web alot. I’m all about convenience. 

If one of our readers is in your city, New York for 24 hours. What things would you recommend they do?

Simply walking the streets of NYC, hopping on and off the subway will give you a sense of our city rush.

Kipp Aw15 collection

AW15 collection