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From shopping in a supermarket to eating at McDonald’s, top models have been scouted in the most unusual of places. Whether it be through a local competition or at a flea market, Julia Wendt might be the next top model.

I had just arrived in Amersfoort, a small Dutch town a few miles away from Amsterdam, where I joined Ileen Forbes, founder of the blog/magazine Les Enfants à Paris, for a photo shoot planned for the next day. As soon as I stepped out of the car I noticed a 13-year-old girl crossing the street holding a lemon in her hands. I asked Ileen if she knew her. She told me that her name is Julia, that she’s Alexander’s friend, and that she loves being in front of the camera and would love to become a model. She also told me that her mum once introduced her to an agency but they were not willing to register her. After that negative experience she wanted to protect her daughter from another disappointment and didn’t try again at another agency. I was stunned! Ileen asked Julia and her mother to come over for a drink so that we could get to know each other. They came over and we proposed to Julia that we take some pictures of her the next day. I insisted that she should come to the session with no makeup or special hairstyle.

As you can see this beautiful little girl is amazing. Not only is she kind and beautiful, but also incredibly professional. I hope and wish that her dreams may one day come true.

Ahmed Bahhodh

(Alexander told me to add that Ahmed after the shoot said “If they don’t sign her they have sh*t in their eyes!” Yes he heard that Ahmed! Lol!)


Photographs taken by Ahmed Bahhodh –

Styling by Coralie Foulard

Striped shirt by Bobo Choses via Orange Mayonnaise

White tank top by H&M, shorts by Blue Seven

* Being scouted?? How do you know if a scout is genuine and what should you ask them? *

Always check their credentials! It’s important to exercise extreme caution when engaging with someone claiming to be a modelling scout. Young, aspiring models should never send photos to anyone before verifying that person’s identity. The key is to research the scouts beforehand. And if you are under the age of 18, make sure your parents are involved in the process.