Sarah Gardan​ ​​is an international​ ​portrait ​photographer specialising in ​​Children & Family​ Photography, in addition to ​offering ​Branding Portrait​s​ & Headshots.  Sarah Gardan works predominantly in Paris but also​ offers photography sessions in many international cities ​all over the world.

Born in​ ​Sydney,​ Sarah has always ​had a passion for photography and she ​ was given her first camera when she was only three years old. It’s been a life long ​love affair ever since. ​Growing up in Singapore gave Sarah a taste for international life and travel is in now well and truly in her blood.

Moving to Paris in 2003 and becoming a mother shortly afterwards, inspired Sarah to follow her dream of becoming a child portrait photographer. In 2004 after training in the USA she launched her photography business in France.

Motherhood life​ in Paris has given Sarah great insight into the world of children and she is well versed in great spots around Paris for photo shoots. Her three children are her inspiration and coupled with the beautiful City of Light together they inspire Sarah to follow her bliss as a photographer and to capture the inner beauty and magic of children and families.


Sarah specialises in natural light photography and all her sessions are flash free as she believes natural light brings out the inner beauty of a child or moment. ​But don’t worry she ‘seize​s​ the light’ all year round – yes, even during those european winters!

As a mother Sarah understands how important it is to have photographs taken with our children and ​she loves capturing images of the whole family together. Too often these days the mums are the ones taking the photographs and it’s rare to have photographs of the whole family together.

Sarah makes the most of the stunning Parisian backdrops ​in her photo shoots ​ and many families now opt for photo sessions annually so they not only capture the kids growing up but they also do it in different ​Parisian ​locations each year. Sarah even offers sessions in countryside France during the summer months too.The photos make ​fabulous keepsakes for the future and are also great presents for families and friends in far away places.

Sarah Gardan Photography

Sarah will be offering a limited number of photography sessions in Paris this summer and fall. ​

Paris, France between​ July 10 – 20​th​ and September 11 – October 6th

The Session Fee is €225 and prints start from €60. Each photography ​session is 30 – 90 minutes depending on the ages of your children.

Sarah will be in London, UK​​, 19/20 September and in the USA October 2015​

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Family Shoot Sarah Gardan Photography